Harry Potter and the Magical Muggle Museum

A wonderful homeschooler has posted an event that may be of interest to some of you guys.  My boys are too young to fully be into Harry Potter but they know who he is.  We actually just purchased an umbrella for the boys with one of the characters on the handle, I'll admit it was on sale for $2 while the rest were anywhere from $6-10.

I did get a bag of Jelly Bellies when Harry Potter first came on the scene that had flavor like 'dirt' and 'grass'.  I never tried them but instead passed them on to my nephews, who at the time were like 'Mikey' they'd try anything!  Anyway as far as reading and watching the movies I know there are tons of Harry Potter fans out there. My niece and nephew, 9 and 8, love Harry Potter as does my older nephew now in his early 20s. 

For those of you who are interested, this event sound like a nice roadtrip and a full day of Harry Potter festivities. For those who have no interest in magic, sorcery or Harry Potter, I have plenty of non Magical events to post about and review.  I have tried a little of almost everything and m not going to deny our readers the opportunity to miss a great event, if this is their cup of tea.

Even the president and his oldest daughter are very into the writings of J.K. Rowling,

For more information about this event you can go to: