Welcome to Lil' Parkies Environmental Play Group

Detective Keith Williams Field House

Lil' Parkies: Ages 2-5yrs,

Queens Liberty Park Play

Group Meetup

We arrived, signed in on the NYC Parks Department confidential information sheet, as we were also handed a coloring kit containing numbers and alphabet trace characters, so Jon Luc and I sat right down and began the process of sorting through all the materials.

Once sorted, we were also handed crayons, which lit Jon Luc's face like Christmas morning, as he dug right in, coloring.

The group later sang and danced to: Skip To My Luc, London Bridge, and other pre-school classics, which included a rousing rendition of Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Arts & crafts created a felt-like puppies dog and kitty cat. Jon Luc made two friends. 

Ms. Vinnee (pronounced Vin-Nay), our teacher, then placed a near life-sized blank person-like paper figure in front of each child to color and decorate. 12:00 came too soon. This was a great way to start our day. Wednesday, we'll come prepared for messy work, ask Ms. Vinnee says, we'll be painting and planting. 

Oh boy!