New York Homeschools Goes Hollywood Fundraising, w/J4 Kids Cooking Shows

J4 Kids Cooking Show 1: Banana Bread, w/James
Chef James and bakers Jon Luc and Julien whip up confections amidst comedy, near catastrophe and lots of fun. 
James, Jon Luc and Julien wrote and produced this epic tale about a boy and his crushed bananas.

J4 Kids Cooking Show 2: Lemon Pie ? w/Julien
Homeschooled cooking, with Julien & James is a bit of a mystery. The title speaks of making "Lemon Pie," however Julien has his own specific ideas about just how to go about making just that delight.
Wow you guys are ready to work with Sexy Chicken's Firehouse! We're so proud of you guys, you're our future. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing your next video. 
Uncle A.

J4 Kids Cooking Show 3: Pizza, w/Jon Luc
Jon Luc takes the lead in this interesting "Pizza Show" with James and Julien close at hand. Stay tuned for the exciting surprise ending.