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Darleen M. and Gregg O. Jobson-Larkin NYCHEA registered Homeschooling parents of Jaylin/6, James/4, and Jon Luc/2, living in Metro, New York.

The former educators’ academic backgrounds both here and abroad enrich their perspectives. Darleen draws on her disciplines as a former Heptathalon and High Jump Olympian, Brearley School and Hobart and William Smith graduate. Gregg’s United States Naval Submarine forces Instructor experiences, coupled with an undergrad in Graphic Design and graduate degree in Media Studies from Harrington University, UK.

“We wanted to talk about topic such as ‘Why Real Men Don’t Stroll?” as an expose observation on the male vantage point of pushing baby carriages on the character-driven streets of Manhattan.” Darleen countered with, “We just want to help fellow Homeschoolers navigate to safe harbors of understanding.” “Gregg’s stroll-daddy, I’m the baby-wearer; and our boys are in our keeping for the educational ride of their formative lives.”

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