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1. 10 Reasons Martian Dads Home school
2. How Homeschooled kids relate with the traditionally educated child.
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2. The United States of America, President Barack Obama

1. Free Stuff: How to find and claim all sorts of booty?
2. Enter the world of 'Baby Modeling.'
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We're committed to enjoying serious fun with Jon Luc (2) and James (4). Edu-tainment opportunities come in all event-sizes and times during our boy's busy day, and night. We take the time to seize those valuable moments to promote exceptional educational environments wherever we are and travel.

Sharing our travels with you helps us to pay even more attention to the miracles of learning and chilld development, which never cease to amaze and enthrall.

Join us on this journey, we'll all have a great time and hopefully learn a thing or two about our children and each other.

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