First Saturdays: The Jobson-Larkin Way

As I lay here attempting to enter a few lines about another fantastic Jobson-Larkin Saturday adventure, we are sandwiched between two sleeping babies.  We are actually a mommy daddy oreo.  Oreos sound good now but I must not get up, I might wake the Krakens.

I'll touch on a few of the things we did today as I of course overload the schedule.  I am learning to let go when we don't make it to some events. The plan is to share my thoughts and uncanny skill to find wonderful activity info for families ( usually FREE events - Let's face it even before the recession 3 kids + cousins = broke mommy & daddy) and let people know where they are and enjoy them even if I do not get to go.  If you go somewhere cool let us know.  If it was a waste of time let us know too.  Time is money and we can't get a refund on it.  I love Mommy Poppins but there is so much more out there.

Anyway today's adventures took us to the Queens Center mall for the 1st Saturday Kid's Club meeting.
From there it was off to Home Depot for the Kid's workshop. 

Next lunch/ bathrooms/ bank.
Riverbank State Park for Gymnastics classes.See the Riverbank State Park web site.
Visit a favorite Aunt and then back home for a powernap.

Off to Hershey Park's annual UPS Day tomorrow, October 4, 2009.
We're leaving around 5am, so the plan is to get up and get the kids ready to leave by 5am so we don't ha to rush.  Good Luck me.

Will catch up and add pix tomorrow. Thinking of stopping by the Jon & Kate +8 estate since we'll be in the area.Who knows.....

Oh yeah, see more pics, read the blog daily and don't forget to add Darleen and Gregg to your Facebook friends list.

Good Night,