Who's Afraid of Heavenly Cake?

Riding with a car full of kids can be a joy or a curse. Fortunately this clan of cave bears is pretty tame, unless they are tired or hungry. Anyway the backseat topic today was Heaven. The kids, cousins and brothers ranging from 2-9yrs, have had to deal with the passing of a baby brother/cousin(Jac--Jon Luc's twin) and their Grandmother.

People say children don't understand death. I believe they do. James used to ask me, "Does Momma live there?", anytime we passed a cemetery for a few months after Momma's funeral. At first he would just tell me she was sleeping because she told him she was tired. "Mommy, don't cry. Grandma just needs to get some rest." he would tell me.

The harddest part for him seemed to be at the wake when he didn't want them to close the casket. He felt a little better when I told him we would see her again in the morning, but we still had them wait until we left to close it. We went out to the cemetary after Momma passed away and had a family outing with the kids. The boys had a ball. They made friends with Momma's neighbors, they watered flowers , they planted flowers, they raced cars, they watched big "machines" dig new graves and make huge piles of dirt they dreamt of playng in. They ate and read the head stones. It was truly a fun day. We remembered things we did with Momma and funny things she used to say.

I happened to tune into the backseat conversation and overheard Jordy saying, "It's really nice up there. J'a'c and Grandma are there together with Selena." "I'm not going up there. I'm scared of that place. I've never been there before." said Tay. "It's just like being here, except you have super powers." said Jordy. James said, "I don't want to go because I want to eat cake." "They have all kinds of cake up there and you can eat it whenever you want." said Jordy. "Cool," said James,"I'm going!"