The Jobson-Larkin Family: Beyond New Years Day

This has been 'Homeschool Sleepover Weekend.' James' best friend Sharon and her brother Ethan are all finally asleep after a marathon session of seeing who could stay awake the longest. Actually Jon Luc, the 2yr old won.
We have had a wonderful start to the 'New Year.'

We ended the old year with a funeral for our dear Uncle Berlon Lee Adams, whom we all loved. The funeral at 2nd Canaan Baptist Church in Harlem, NY reconnected us with relatives that we'd lost contact with, but were eager to exchange new information for old. Missed a visit from our wonderful 6 yr old who is in Texas right now, due to lack of communication. We really miss Jaylin whom we'll have to go out to visit since it was just too hard to just call and say we are coming to The Big Apple.

We had an intimate family New Year's Celebration with all the kids at our house. Invite only. The Guest List: Tay/9, Jordy/8, Jamari/5, James/4 Jon Luc/2, Gregg/Seasoned and I/Salt. The menu consisted of imported Doritoes TM, exotic candy canes and Martinelli's TM sparkling beverages for all. Only the best for our guests. We also had a live band with original music. The crowd began to fall off after much debate about who was sleeping with who and where, slightly after 1am. I agree with the band, we need a more upbeat remix to Auld Lang Syne, too sleepy after so much excitement.

In the morning we had a marathon brunch at the Whinston Estate. "I'm still stuffed." The kids had a ball, and yes we took them all. Angry Bob, the comedienne was in attendance as well as couchsurfers from  Seattle,WA and Australia, and Romemary too. (who, The of Earl Whinston thankfully drove home for fear of a quite colorfully written negative couchsurfing reference.) We finally dragged ourselves home after depositing the extra boys at my Dad's at some wee hour of the morning.

As we walked in to home-base, and undressed, and deposit a sleeping Mook, Gregg passed me the telephone. James, who had packed for a sleepover, just in case, was now calling to come home. Bottom line, they wanted ices before nighty-nite, but the still liquid treats were not frozen yet. Finally The Dutchess,  Blair and I decided they would have to wait until morning AND that it was..... Bedtime! James was just having a no nap, I'm too tired to be rational meltdown. I was later informed that they fell asleep shortly thereafter.

Too tired to really compete at this the annual Colgate Women's Games weekly competetion (high jump, adult & college open division), we went on a Funyun TM and Entenmann TM cake run as a gift to The Earl of Whinston. He was greatful. We also picked up some fizzy water, as we knew there had directly been a fresh order placed for delivery, but they wold only have flat water until then.

Thank you all for tuning in and look forward to new and exciting  'Adventure in Homeschooling and Beyond;'  Sometimes Waaaaay Beyond. Seasons Greetings, New Beginnings Blessings to you and all of your endevors! This season, "ignore self, and celebrate the light in another's eye. You'll be glad you did."
God Loves You.

Darleen and Gregg Jobson-Larkin