Holistic Afterschool Classes in Clinton Hill: Free Trial Drop-Off Ends Soon!

A good friend of mine, a homeschool mom Umkhair (Um-Kai-Aa) Davis (Mom to Fola 4yr), starting up her afterschool program again and is offering a free trial week this week from 2 - 6 PM. Umkhair's team of 2 assistants offered healthy organic snacks and drinks for the kids and adults.

The program is multicultural and multifaceted. We went late yesterday and the boys had a ball. There were Arts and crafts, music, singing, dancing and other planned activities. The attending children's age ranged from 2 - 11. (Jon Luc was the youngest, with the average age of probably 5 or 6.)

She would love to have you stop by on any or every day this week to enjoy the trial classes and find out more about her wonderful afterschool program.

The program is housed on the ground floor of a beautiful brownstone in Clinton Hill at 138 St. James Pl. (A holistic Dr.'s residence) We are going to attend later, so hopefully we will see you there.

Donations are accepted but not necessary. She doesn't want anyone to feel obligated to pay or be discouraged.

Darleen M. Jobson-Larkin: Mommy to Jaylin, James and Jon Luc and God Mommy to Tay.