Martin Luther King Jr. Day / Holiday Escapades at The Pond at Bryant Park

The public school kids were out today and we had our coveted niece and nephew for most of the weekend.  It all started out on Friday night when I came home and James was awake. "Mommy, Mommy. Tay is here!" James exclaims. The infamous "Tay" aka LaTavia Kenya Tatiani Council, has achieved Rock Star status in my 4yr old's eyes.  He adores her. Tay is my Goddaughter and an always welcome addition to the JobsonLarkin adventure series. During the summer she is one of us; a homeschooled kid. Once the school year begins in September she puts her homeschool friends on hiatus because my sister wants her to go to public school. LaTavia is a super intelligent girl who is wasted in public school.  If she were homeschooled she would blossom. Enough about superstar Tay for now.

The weekend plans: 1-Mommy's track meet at Pratt -Colgate Women's Games
                               2-Brunch at The Whinston Estate with Marc and Blair
                               3-Ice Skating

The hit this winter has been ice skating. James, Jaylin and Jon Luc have their own skates so we don't have to rent them.  Last year we went to the Pond at Bryant Park and James wanted to skate alone.  The rink security were very nice and helped him to the middle.  I had to send for him when it was almost time to go.  This 3yr old kicking and screaming beacause a stranger was carrying him AND because he did not want to leave.  After a full Saturday, Gymnastics ran late due to ala rehearsals, and a day of rest on Sunday, with all of the kids at our house running amuck, we told them that we'd go ice skating On MLK day.

I found out that most of the skating rinks were open but closed at 3:00pm. Even our newly found gem Riverbank State Park was closing at 6:00pm. On Sunday, January  31 ,2010, at 3:00pm, the gymnastics program housed at Riverbank will be having it's annual gala fundraiser. The kids are very excited about Saturday gymnastics class and the opportunity to hang out with their friends. The other fun aspect of the class is the possibility of going ice skating after gymnastics. 
(We have yet to see the carosuel opened even though they offered free rides on the weekends during the fall. Maybe next year.)