Jon Luc Jobson-Larkin: 3 Years of Amazing!

Jon Luc Jobson-Larkin turned 3 yesterday. February 2, 2010 turned out more than Groundhog's Day festivities. OK, so the evening news didn't cover Jon Luc's special day. We sure recognized him with the customary morning chorale of Happy Birthday Jon Luc. He was amazed. His little twinkling eyes widened to the astonishment of so much loving attention.

Our intimate family unit pressures the best out of it's members. Pressure, that seems to be an inappropriate word but pressure is what we thrive on in our household. It scientifically sound and simple. The positive pressure from insde our home overcomes al the negative peer and social pressures outside our home in the form of media, non-immediate family and of course friends.

Our internal family pressure acts as hand sanitizer, hands still get dirty but the germs don't survive and thrive to cause illness and infection. I'd reccomend fnding your own family pressure points to apply to your daily situations.

Jon Luc's birthday came and left with him amazed and pressured to be just what he is, a child, twinkling, wide-eyed, innocent and sleepy. Night, night.