My Husband is Home Alone

Gregory, what can I say bout this myth of a man? First, he's no myth; second, let him tell you in his own words:

"Darleen is refreshingly darling. I spend most of our day in conference conversations which span the globe of locations and theatre of interest, running the gambit in terms of subject matter intensity, from highly technical to and greatly comical. Yet, I find that concentration takes flight when glimpsing a frolicsome naked child running from his mothers becking arms in a mad dash to the tub; ker-splash.

I have to mute the phone on many occasions to conceal my hysterical laughter from the otherwise unaware serious international telephonic conference participants.

It is only when I'm home alone, that the morbid reality of lifelessness permeates the thick soundlessness of the house's nothingness. A dark scary feeling to hear your nieghbor's television from inside your own home, feel the thud of an outside car door slam and know that this could have been the permanent daily grind of living home alone, without a family, without children and a loved one."

Excuse me, I've got to go to the bathroom to wipe some potty bums. We'll talk later. Ain't family life grand?