Walk it, Instead

We often judge others by our own experiences and faults. The High School dropout Father, who demands educational excellence from his son. The youth renegade Mother, who expects social sobriety from her adolescent daughter. We live: do as I say not as I do. My husband says, "Encourage the best from those you love by becoming a living conversation."  I say, "Walk it, more than talk it, you'll be glad you did."

Our master bedroom is comprised of two separate areas. The basic bedroom accomodations and an ajoining room filled with ... them. Toys and tents made of blankets and sheets, more toys, clothes and child grooved destruction. Yet, by example, the adults in this panoramic view aren't much different.

Books, enough to fill a medium-sized library, magazines too. Nick nacks paddy wacks and trophies wall-to-wall. So, the way I see it, the boys are only emulating the buena vista. So we really can't chastise the tiny hands of constant disarray, the bringers of fallen piles of stuff, the creatures of cacophonous triumph. They are, after all, mirror images of ourselves.

Granted, there is an order to the chaotic collection of all things Jobson-Larkin, and James/4 and Jon Luc/3 have designed their 3rd world after our 1st. Tay/9 had dibs on the 2nd world.

One really needs to see the archetypical tent designs that swirl and span the length and breath of the empire, and witness the colorful patterns of textured wools, cottons and polyblends. It all flows together, our world, the boy's world, and then, the occasional visitor beholds our family universe; lock, stock, crate and barrell because, we're moving.

More about moving in another episode of, "Adventures In Homeschooling, and Beyound."