At Our Newest Place

Last night we spent the night in our newest house.  The kids were very excited. We have no furniture so they have been running through the house like wild banshees. I say enjoy it now beause all good things must come to an end.  We have a refrigerator, a washer for the washroom in the basement and a washer/dryer for the kitchen.  I would love for it to go under the counter, but for now its taking the place of the refrigerator, so I'm happy.  I don't have a  stove or oven and have not brought over the microwave (We don't really use it and I'm not sure I want it in the house at all) or the toaster oven. We went to BJs and got milk, cereal, juice, bread and turkey.  I need some hot food so we may go home so the boys can have a hot dinner and then come back so they can take a bath and go to bed.  I took a little walk around the neighborhood while they wee napping and DH was working.  Interesting little indian shops.  I look forward to exploring all South Richmond Hill has to offer.  Don't worry you'll hear all about it. Now to adjust the homeschooling activities and agendas..............a mommy's work is never done.

The rug installers just called and said they are overbooked and can't make it tomorrow. UGGGHHH!!!!!
I refuse to put anything in until I have my carpets.  We have this terrible air mattress that I have blown up by mouth twice for the kids-Greatlands- My husband and I tried to lay on it and it deflated almost instantly. We woke up on the floor.  Good enough for the kids since we have it but I wouldn't buy another one from them. Terrible reviews.

Anywho, the kids are calling as usual.  We have to finish Chinese homework, eat, bathe and sleep.
(Then I'll get back to work:-)

Thanks for checking in,