Earth Day Should be Everyday

I had a wonderful day with the family. We spent the day out. Rooftop Farming, Playground, Picnic and home. I have some Earthday pics. Learned a lot more Eco Friendly tips from my Twitter friends too.

* Secrets of a Super Mommy offers posts of crafting ideas using recycled material.

* Mommy Perks has a post of 20 Earth Day Tips.

* The Daily Mom Diaries's Earth Day Challenge and tips. PrissyMommy talks about her Earth Day cupcakes.

* The Prissy Mommy Chronicles talks about her Earth Day cupcakes.


Amazon has a free video on demand of Planet Earth Episode 1. You can also use the Amazon link on my page.


BBC Earth is also offering a free Planet Earth Episode Download on iTunes. (offer valid until 4/166/10).