LEGO Games 2010 Tour

The boys have a homeschool friend who is very into LEGO. This year has been exciting in the world of LEGO for our boys because we got to visit the Grand Opening of the LEGO store in NYC at Rockefeller Center and participate in building a giant apple with LEGOs.  They convinced me to purchase a Cars LEGO set which they play with for hours.  As a part of our general curriculum, I have not yet structured the LEGOs in but I clearly see that they will be an integral part of homeschool study and play. We went out to the Roosevelt Field store for their Monthly Mini Model Build and the boys built a slice of Watermelon - very cute. We realized by the line when we got there that although the event starts at 5:00pm we must get there by at least  4:30pm so we don't have to stay on line all night.  This event has become very popular.  We actually may go to the new store in Queens Center Mall next month.

Although it did not stop in NYC, the LEGO Games Summer Tour made a stop at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago this past Saturday, July 31 and Sunday, August 1. At these free family events, parents and kids enjoyed playing and building with LEGO blocks, including life-sized versions of the new LEGO games.

LEGO Games 2010 Summer Tour (Click for tour schedule)
These LEGO Days games are based on new LEGO Games, such as Robo Champ,Minotaurus, and Ramses Pyramid. Each of these toy games is designed with the idea that families can break them apart, change and redesign them, and then build them again.
LEGO Days at Lincoln Park Zoo attendees also tried to guess the number of bricks in a LEGO minotaur model to earn a chance to win a trip to LEGOLAND in California.
LEGO Games
Other LEGO Games families may enjoy purchasing and playing include Creationary (where a player builds an object with LEGO elements while the other players try to guess what it is) and Pirate Code(in which players must guess each other's secret codes). Find this range of creative games for sale at LEGO Stores or at local Target or Toys R Us stores. You can also buy LEGOs in bulk on Ebay and download patterns online.

Today, August 3, 2010 is the LEGO store Free Monthly Mini Build. This month kids 6-14 will learn to build a seagull mini model to take home. We are going to the new LEGO store in Queens Center Mall.The LEGO Store US Mini Model Build!