Why do you Homeschool?

As former educators, my husband and I were talking about our homeschool journey when he asked if there were 'PURE' homeschoolers.  "What do you mean?", I asked.  I was looking through U.S.Center for Diplomacy site and saw an interesting article about homeschooling. It sheds a positive light on the reasons many families are now choosing to homeschool:to show children the world! I have conversed with a few homeschoolers who Couchsurf for the very same reason.
 It surprises me that we still get the same questions about socialization and if we are qualified to teach our children. We apparently don't need any particular qualifications to give birth to them. In my opinion we should be prepared as parents to educate our children for the rest of their lives. No you may not be a whiz at chemistry but you can find other resources to help your child learn and maybe even love it.