Valentine's Exchanges

valentines_day.png (309×280)I remember in Elementary school when we exchanged Valentine's Day cards and candy with my classmates.  In the last few years we just exchanged Valentines with my family members. When I was little my Dad always ran out to Walgreens to make sure he had enough Chocolate Valentines for everyone who was going to be around for Valentine's Day. My Mom always got flowers and the best chocolates.

 As we approach Valentine's Day as commercial as it may be my boys and I are using it as a way to communicate with people we have not spoken to in a while and possibly make new friends. It is a combo arts and crafts project and writing project. As homeschoolers we do have a few friends who we see somewhat regularly but we also have some friends we only see periodically.  We are joining a Valentine's Exchange with some of our Homeschool NewYork friends:-) My boys are the Kings of Arts and Crafts so we will be finishing up this project in no time. We only wish we had more valentine recipients.

Googling Valentine's Card Exchange, I found Caroline's post, good times never seem sew good.  She has this really cool Etsy site which you should check out tooCotton Lane.  Domestic But Not Martha also sent a plug for Caroline's Valentine's Day Card Exchange.  Visit Crystal's blog.  She's so sweet.  I just love her "about me" and lam looking forward to seeing what other homeschool Mom's do and think.  I just found these crafty sites today. They look really cool and I will be back to visit them soon.

Happy Valentine's Day,