Earth Day Freebies

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Today we have been very productive. Spring cleaning. Kitchen cleaned. Bathroom cleaned. Linen changed. Floors mopped. Laundry done and hung out to air dry. Kids played in the backyard. Watered plants while kids watered each other. It was a little cool but the sun was shining bright. Daddy prepared a delicious "Sunday Brunch" which we sat down at the nook to eat. Even the baby tasted a little mashed potato but decided to stick with the Mommy Milk. We took a break around noon to take a trip to Target so the boys could get a treat for cleaning and behaving so well this weekend. The reason we chose Target was because today in honor of Earth Day they were giving out Recyclable bags with purchases. We actually made a purchase and the cashier told us she didn't have any more bags. We then saw more bags at another register and I let James make his purchase. The cashier put his new monkey slippers in a recyclable bag and he said,"Gracias." She smiled and said,"De nada." Jon Luc then said,"Hey, why did James get that kind of bag?" I told him his cashier didn't have anymore bags. The cashier behind us leaned over and gave him a stylish reuseable bag too. Hope you got yours today. They are super cute!
Last Year More4Kids had a really cool post about Earth Day 2010 entitled Green Tips for Your Family which included lots of good ideas and advice. 

There are other retailers hosting National Earth Day events that we'll highlight in the next few posts.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!