She's All About We

She's All About We

I have come to the understanding that Darleen Maria Jobson-Larkin is non-recklessly foresighted, stylishly selfless and whimsically abreast of our, her, immediate family kinders.

OK yes, being married to the world's most innovatively creative family event planner, thinking partner-in-crime and homeschool practitioner does have it's advantages; yet that combination of these interestingly non-bi-polar adjectives only scratches the surface of this home-based house and gardens tactician and New York-based gal pal advocate for seeking one's own inner mamba.
"Momma D...", as 26-year old son, Benjamin Gregory, exclaims, "Is no joke!"

Julien Comillious, our seven month old vomitous errupteous, religiously paints abstract Mommy milk colored Picasso throw-up motifs all over Mommy, like risque mono-colored body artwork, which she then is forced to wear proudly for the rest of the day, for all the world to see. I often think that I should've included a change of Mommy outfits in with the baby provisions, but then he'd only have a new clean canvas with which to work his ingenious baby magic, again. She wears it so well. That's stylishly selfless.

James Tiberious celebrates his sixth birthday today. Darleen had already contacted potential party-goer's moms and dads. He planned all day, this slumber sleep-over party before calling his good friend and fellow birthday celebrity animal protectorate Brian Staples, and cool friend Hollywood producer Paul Aaron. James is well connected. She'd nailed down his guest list commitments before he knew to invite them. That's whimsically abreast.

Jon Luc rubbed his eyes in amazement this morning waking up to birthday breakfast party girls Sheba and Nubia who arrived at 5 AM. The grand daughters of one of the Ghostbuster's movie leads were served birthdate pancakes, a menu specially prepared and presented by Pop. So, how did Darleen pull off early morning guest duo for breakfast? She prearranged babysitting the girls for their Zumba dance instructing mother, wow. Now that's non-recklessly foresighted.

As the family chauffeur-aupair or chaupair, as I like to say, Darleen's homeschool schedule lands us in three of the five boroughs weekly, learning violin at midtown's School For Strings, French Immersive Playgroup at westside's Apthorp building penthouse, Asphat Green gymnastics, Horticultural Society botany, Long Island City library's Passport speakers presentation classes, and physics coop classes. We get around, and then some, as I forgot to mention circus clown classes in Williamsburg Brooklyn, and Mandarin Chinese School on Mott Avenue, Chinatown. She has us well versed in the ways of the force in this 21ST century Jedi-styled kinder-care. I so agree with rapper T.I.N.I.E aka Benjamin, without doubt or reservation. She ROCKS!