"What if I fall?' Kids, just get back up!

One thing I've considered while standing, on a platform over 60 feet in the air, without guard rails of any kind, was... "What if I fall?' 

Life lessons learned by gently observing our children, can save you precious time off the learning curves of your own life's dilemma process.

The stunning views of the vast Frost Valley YMCA Camp site jolts me back to the here and now,  in full realization of my situation's gravity.

High upon a moment's whimsy, seeking only the surety of safety, the clarity of consciousness, the anticipated terror of falling down a three hundred foot zip line; swoosh, new heights or thud new depths.

New heights.
Children climb with impunity, the greatest of ease. New challenges seem common-place to progeny. 

I think it's their closeness to to the ground, physically. Adults have further to fall, and once fallen, further heights to climb towards accomplishing serendipitous equilibrium. 

Kids just get back up. 

OK, maybe there's a tear, or even two but never more tears than the effort to find comfy hugs, and/or consoling love talks require. And then, they're off, again. 


Frost Valley Family Week                                                                                    

So, here I am, off the platform and streaming down towards Earth. Flying along, wind in face, clutching for dear life.  

OK, so maybe I don't know exactly where I going, maybe the pace is a bit quick. But, oh what fun!

The whole reflective experience felt a lot like life, and the trying of new things: 
New baby
New marital relationship
New finance
New job
New life.


Just simply adding 'new' as an adjective additive creates awesome stress in experiencing life's precarious concepts and multi-tasking situations.
So, now I work to practice the life-lesson my children teach me everyday:

1. Don't hesitate, jump off and/or in.
2. If you fall down... just get back up. Shed a tear, get some help, and maybe even a hug. Then...
3. Go again.

The more you practice this form of play, the more you'll play at this form of practice, and wondrous accomplishment shall soon follow.

Let me know how it all works out, and if this post article has helped.
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